About Fnix6

At the heart of our website is a singular vision: to be the premier source of knowledge and insight for IPv6 security. In an internet age transitioning to IPv6, understanding and implementing security measures is not just necessary; it’s critical.

Our founder and chief contributor, Dominic Hopkins, embarked on this journey with a clear purpose. With over a decade of experience in network security and a passionate commitment to the IPv6 cause, Dominic’s expertise forms the cornerstone of our content.

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What we do

But who are we, and why focus on IPv6? We’re a team of network security professionals, writers, and tech enthusiasts united by a common goal—to equip our readers with the knowledge and tools to secure their networks against the backdrop of an evolving digital landscape.

IPv6 represents the future of internet connectivity, offering vast improvements over IPv4, including enhanced security features. However, with new technology comes new challenges, and it’s our mission to help you navigate these with confidence.

Our website is more than a repository of articles and guides; it’s a vibrant community of professionals sharing insights, experiences, and best practices. Through detailed analysis, expert opinions, and real-world case studies, we offer a comprehensive look at IPv6 security.

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